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Our background story. Emercify is a Turn The Corner Company.

What is Turn The Corner?

Turn The Corner has a meaning, "pass the critical point and start to improve." Do you want to improve your online business? Read further.

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When your online business is taking off, it is a hassle to stay on top of the market and run your online business.

When I started my first eCommerce business 18 years ago, it was easy initially, with a few orders a day, primarily organic traffic, high profits, and low costs. It was the perfect business. But when the competition started and the online race began, it was completely different.

Today you need to do at least the following things perfectly:

So what is Turn The Corner? We support online entrepreneurs in making their online businesses more sustainable. We help you make the next step with your online business. With the support of my team, we give you our newest insights on Turn The Corner every week.

We not only give you a hand with growing your eCommerce business, but we also give you weekly insights. The eCommerce world is changing rapidly, and we help you to stay top of mind.

What you can expect from us?
We share weekly insights, articles, and video web classes about the following topics:

Join Turn The Corner today so you can build a more sustainable online business.


Corné van Willigen

Founder - Emercify  - Turn The Corner B.V.