About Us

Welcome! We started Emercify in 2019 for online entrepreneurs who want to scale their online business. Today we have a community, study vault, and weekly digital newsletter. Read on to get to know us a little better.

When we started Emercify in 2019, we couldn’t have predicted all that would happen to and for us. We remember the early days of the virus, as the pandemic started a few months after our launch. While the virus sent many parts of our everyday lives into chaos, it was a silver lining for e-commerce and digital marketing. For the first time, e-commerce solutions had the upper hand; we just needed to learn how to pivot into the moment.

In 2020, we hosted our first online virtual summit. It was a huge success, with over 1000 online entrepreneurs, but we were overwhelmed by the entrepreneurial community hungry for connection. We were simply unprepared for the next step, but the spark was there! We knew entrepreneurs were looking for more, but the summit confirmed it. We did many one-on-one sessions and strategic thinking to determine our next step.

In 2021 we launched our digital newsletter focused on entrepreneurs who want to scale their online business. We share strategies and tactics, like how to conduct A/B tests, maximize the potential of Black Friday and Q4 sales, and more – all at your fingertips to ensure success.

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Because we had a lot of things going on in our organization, we combined this with our new e-mail marketing agency, MessageBull. To keep it simple for ourselves, we decided to add everything to one website and software system. This was an excellent start for MessageBull, and our newsletter started growing. To ensure the health of both MessageBull and Emercify and to help establish the different services we offer through both, we decided in late 2022 that it was time to separate the brands again.

Here we are, having adapted and rolled with the punches from the last few years. We’re proud to offer these spaces to our entrepreneur community and to say that we made it.

We’re also proud to offer Emercify Collective now, our online community, with a study vault where members can get live training, follow courses, and interact with other members. We believe that we learn better together and from each other and that you don’t have to “do” entrepreneurship alone.

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MessageBull and Emercify were founded by Corné van Willigen, with over 19 years of experience with online e-commerce. In the last 10 years, van Willigen has generated more than 110 million USD in online revenue.

Join our Collective and stay ahead of the online market.