Getting Things Done with my Favorite Productivity Tool

Getting Things Done with my Favorite Productivity Tool
My favorite productivity tool

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you can trust me when I say that I have tested a lot of tools for creating simple to-do lists and managing my productivity. However, what I have found is that most of them are challenging to work with in the long term. At least, that’s been my experience when I try to add a lot of things to my to-do list software(s) of choice over the years. Things will get messy because some tasks are urgent and need to be finished urgently, while other tasks on the list have no urgency, but I do want to remember them for later.

I started with Evernote as my chosen to-do list software because it was advertised to work on multiple platforms, like your smartphone, tablet and computer, while also being synced in the cloud. Unfortunately, I had a horrible experience with my paid Evernote subscription. One day after purchasing my subscription, I created a long to-do list with a contractor to finish an apartment complex. After a 3-hour meeting, my Evernote crashed, and all my notes and to-dos were gone when I regained access…

Now when I use list and productivity software, there are three critical elements for me. It needs to be fast, simple, and synced in the cloud.

Last summer, I was on our Mastermind in Mallorca and one of the attendees had a fantastic startup browser screen on their MacBook that was also reflected on their phone screen. I was triggered by the nice photo and later, I saw it was more than just a great image.

Momentum Dash for Chrome macOS

It was a browser plugin for getting things done: Momentum Dash. It's A free browser plugin that works on your computer and syncs to your phone so you have all of your information in one place accessible anywhere you need it to be.

It is, indeed, very simple. The app prompts you to add one main to-do for the day, something you really want to finish, along with an inbox and a “today” list. The inbox feature is for all the things you want to remember, while today is the to-do list for the things you want to do today.

I’m recommending this tool above all other to-do list software because Momentum is designed so that you see it every time you open a new browser window or tab. It is the default screen for every window/tab in your browser. It shares a unique everyday photo combined with a motivational quote and you see what’s on your to-do list at-a-glance.

It is super fast, which is crucial if you want to save a task, and it instantly syncs with all your other hardware, tablets, and smartphones. With one click it’s possible to move a task from the “today” list to the inbox and vice versa.

Now, I can get things done faster without complex and messy software. It also helps to start with a clean to-do list every day, after carrying over to-do items from the day prior, of course.

So there you have it. Productivity, all at your fingertips and right in your face. Start with Momentum Dash here for free:

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