New website live

New website live

Welcome to our newest website. We just started a completely new website for our growing Emercify newsletter and community.

Yesterday December 7th, 2022, we returned to our original domain name.

Why are we moving our domain again?

I love to share some behind-the-scenes info with you in this blog post. When we started Emercify in 2019 a lot of things happened. We had the pandemic a few months after our launch, so we needed to pivot. We did our first virtual summit in 2020.

Our virtual summit was a huge success, but we were overwhelmed by all responses and unprepared for the next step. We did a lot of one 2 one sessions and are trying to figure out our next step.

In 2021 we launched our digital newsletter. Because we had a lot of things going on in our organization, we combined this with our new e-mail marketing agency MessageBull. To keep it simple for ourselves, we decided to add everything to one website and software system. This was a great start for MessageBull and our newsletter started growing.

Last week I felt that we needed to get more clarity. MessageBull is our Full-service E-mail / SMS marketing agency and Emercify is focused on growing online entrepreneurs through curated information, web classes, and coaching.

So that's why we are returning to our original domain name for Emercify. Here you will find our weekly newsletter, and from here, you can access our online community, Emercify Collective. So if you want to grow your online business, subscribe to Emercify Newsletter and join our new community. Click here for our Emercify Collective.

Do you need assistance with your E-mail and SMS marketing for your online business? Go to and schedule a free clarity call with me or my team.


Corné van Willigen

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