Tech Tuesday August 1st

Tech Tuesday August 1st
Elon Musk - X

What a whirlwind week in our tech sphere - Elon Musk is once again playing tech-Jenga, pulling out the blocks from one company and stacking them on another. Meanwhile, Beats act like a jealous sibling, launching their own 'Airpods Max Exterminator'. As if this wasn't enough drama, Meta Threads has decided to play an extreme version of hide-and-seek, with 50% of their audience still searching for where they've gone. And let's not sideline the latest discovery making waves - a new superconductor that's revolutionizing the tech scene...? Stay tuned for this week's edition of Emercify.

X Headquarters in San Francisco
  • Twitter has been rebranded overnight! Elon Musk decided to follow a process that is trending on Twitter, #BuildInPublic, where he shared some of the ways he will be building out and evolving Twitter as a social media platform and powerhouse. While this rebranding may seem sudden, Elon Musk has always been open about what he envisions for the “X Everything App” he is creating. It isn’t too clear yet what we can expect from this “X EverythingAp,” but it seems Elon wants to build an even better social media platform. There are talks about Elon Musk wanting to emulate WeChat, an app popular in Asia for social media, payments, shopping, and more. What do you think about Elon Musk’s new vision? ​Read more​
  • Threads has an amazing launch, but we are seeing reports of the Threads user base decreasing by more than half. Were you one of the ones who rode the Thread wave? When you want to be active on a new platform, something to consider is: you can ride the wave and see success, but if it fails, then you’ve invested time and energy into something that didn’t help you much (if at all). Remember, social media is building on land you borrow. You can lose followers, accounts, and data instantly, and you are at the mercy of the platform’s algorithm, whereas, an email list is land you own. Which do you want to build on? ​Read more​
Beats Studio Pro
  • The iconic Beats headphones saw an upgrade! And some of its features are well worth it. These new headphones boast improved noise-cancellation technology, USB-C audio connection, and can natively connect to both iOS and Andriod software features! If you’re an Apple user, you do lose out on the audio sharing, but overall, these upgraded headphones have the perfect blend of appeal to both Apple and Android users. Win-win, am I right? ​Read more​
  • Have you heard about the latest trend on X (Twitter)? It's all about LK-99, a superconductor that operates at room temperature! If you're interested in learning more about what LK-99 is all about, you can check out this nerdy article (​​). But if you want a more general explanation for why this is such a big deal, you should definitely watch this ​youtube video​.

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