BIMI is here for Google Users! What does it mean?

BIMI is here for Google Users! What does it mean?
BIMI verification example for Gmail users. (Linkedin example)

You may have heard already, but as of June 2023, Google Suite is rolling out Brand Indicators for Message Identification (also known as BIMI). Overall, it’s a step in the right direction to help differentiate legitimate businesses and knowledgeable digital marketers from those who may not be legitimate or as well prepared, but there are a few things you need to know. Here at Emercify, we’ve got your back to help with the transition.

Introducing… BIMI for Google!

Brand Indicators for Message Identification has taken the email marketing world by storm. BIMI is a protocol that enables email inboxes to display a brand's logo alongside their authenticated email messages, and it’s finally coming to Google. To utilise BIMI, brands must pass through a rigorous authentication process, ensuring that the domain and email have been authenticated correctly.

In simpler words, BIMI is a way to make emails visually appealing and trustworthy, by showing your brand's logo in the email client's address bar after going through a verification process. While also giving your subscribers greater confidence in your email campaigns (and all verified campaigns in their inbox), it also reduces the likelihood of your messages being marked as spam and not reaching the customer.

Moreover, a big plus for BIMI is that it helps organisations prevent email impersonation and phishing attacks, which is a growing threat in today's digital landscape. BIMI is compatible with all email clients that support DMARC, DKIM, and SPF authentication protocols, which are now the standard for email authentication. Adopting BIMI is essential for brands to create a consistent and trustworthy email experience for their users, increase brand recognition, and ultimately improve email marketing ROI. So, if you want to give your email marketing campaigns a competitive edge, BIMI is an excellent place to start.

Why Should I Care About BIMI?

For starters, BIMI is an email authentication standard that helps to verify the sender's identity and make sure your messages aren't going to spam or be marked as fraudulent. Not only will this enhance your brand's credibility, but it will also help your messages stand out in crowded inboxes, increasing your email open rates and click-through rates. This is crucial when it comes to your email campaigns, where you want to ensure that your message is being seen by as many people as possible.

But the benefits don't end there. One of the biggest advantages of BIMI is that it can help to combat phishing scams by making it easier for users to identify legitimate emails. After you verify your email domain and enable BIMI for your business’ Google domain, your company's logo will be displayed directly in the inbox next to your email subject line, making it clear to users that the message is from a trusted source. This adds an extra layer of security and helps to build trust with your audience. Ultimately, your business stands to drive more conversions by enabling BIMI on your Google domain. We know that our customers appreciate the “human touch”, and verifying to make sure your customer knows that they’re talking to you, only helps establish credibility!

After implementing BIMI, it is also common to see increased engagement, improved deliverability, and overall, a more professional image for your brand. If you're serious about email marketing and want to maximise your results and drive conversions faster, then BIMI is definitely something worth considering.

MessageBull Can Help You Set Up BIMI for Your Business

Part of our “one-stop shop” at MessageBull as an e-mail marketing agency is that we can help set you up for success. Relax and leave the BIMI verification process to us. We can help you register your logo as a trademark, then obtain your Verified Mark Certificate, as well as setting up some backend things in your business’ domain. The reality is that, unless you’re an experienced administrator, it’s best to use a third party service like MessageBull; we’d be happy to help you adjust to these new standards at Google. We want you to have successful campaigns and we’ll use our expertise to help you see the return on your investment.

When it comes to email marketing, making sure your brand’s message is verified and trustworthy is key. And with Google’s rollout of BIMI, you now have an even better way to do just that. Now, not only does BIMI allow for greater confidence from your subscribers in the content of your emails, but it also drastically decreases the likelihood of your emails being marked as spam and left unseen by customers. So if you’re looking to maximise the return on your email marketing efforts, consider implementing BIMI right away. Are you ready to get started with BIMI? Let us know! We take pride in helping digital marketers excel, so let us help you make the transition today!

We offer two different service to set this up. Our collective members can ask for a video tutorial to set up BIMI for their own branded domain.
MessageBull can help you with their full service BIMI program, for more info contact MessageBull

Important is that you have a trademark registered!

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