Tech Tuesday: 2023 Apple Design Awards

It's WWDC time so we have a lot of Apple news :)

During Apple's WWDC week there is a lot of tech news, so we start with the Apple Design Awards, all these apps win the Apple Design Award 2023.

Discover the 12 best-in-class apps and games as Apple unveils the winners of its highly anticipated Design Awards. Hailing from development teams around the world, this year's winners stand out for their creative and innovative approach, matched by stunning design. From inclusion to pure joy, interaction to social impact, visuals to graphics, and beyond, these exceptional apps and games were chosen from a pool of 36 finalists, each of which showcased impressive technical prowess.


This award recognizes those who create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all, regardless of background, abilities, or language.

The Universe Exploration Company's website builder, Universe, has won the Apple Design Award for its inclusivity.

App: Universe — Website Builder
Developer: Universe Exploration Company (United States)

Universe simplifies website building for all by eliminating complexities and lowering barriers to entry. With its user-friendly interface, the app facilitates the creation of online stores, artist portfolios, community group pages, and personal web presence. Moreover, it incorporates Dynamic Type and VoiceOver features to enhance accessibility and provide equal opportunities for all. Enjoy effortless website building with Universe today.

I used Universe myself a few times and it is amazing how easy it is to create a website page on your phone!
stitch. by Lykke Studios, Apple Design Award winner for Inclusivity.

Developer: Lykke Studios (Thailand)

Join Stitch, the latest Apple Arcade game that seamlessly merges age groups in a fulfilling gameplay of knitting. Embark on a journey where designs progressively elevate in difficulty as background music complements the experience and soothes you. Stitch comes with extensive language support and personalized accessibility options that cater to your every need, ensuring that an immersive experience awaits everyone.

Delight and Fun

The recipients of this award offer remarkable, captivating, and enjoyable experiences that are elevated by the use of Apple technologies.

Duolingo, Inc., Apple Design Award winner for Delight and Fun.

App: Duolingo
Developer: Duolingo, Inc. (United States)

Immerse yourself in a diverse range of languages with Duolingo's dynamic learning platform. Boasting an updated interface and the latest addition of endangered, indigenous, and fictional languages, their comprehensive approach is designed to keep learners engaged for the long run. Whether you come for the expanding catalog of dialogues or the delightful characters, stay for the fun, gamified experience of quests, challenges, and leaderboards. Join the millions of users on Duolingo and start your language learning journey today!

Afterplace by Evan Kice, Apple Design Award winner for Delight and Fun.

Developer: Evan Kice (United States)

Afterplace is a charming indie RPG that merges retro style with modern features, delivering a delightful pixelated adventure. The game boasts a perfect equilibrium of dry humor, nostalgia, and exploration, all designed for mobile and controlled by swipes and taps, offering a refreshing alternative to virtual buttons. Thanks to its clever onboarding process, players are quickly immersed in its world, and its intuitive one-handed control system makes the journey through quirky surprises and hidden rewards a fun and easy experience. Join us on this unforgettable adventure!


The recipients of this award provide user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-use controls that are specifically designed for their platform.

Flighty LLC, Apple Design Award winner for Interaction.

App: Flighty
Developer: Flighty LLC (United States)

Flighty's app offers a beautifully designed experience that includes detailed flight maps, airport navigation, and reliable delay forecasting. With intuitive features and comprehensive live maps, navigating travel is made seamless. The app also thoughtfully integrates Apple technology, like Siri Shortcuts and Apple Maps, to cover all aspects of the journey. With key information always at your fingertips, Flighty is the perfect travel companion.

Railbound by Afterburn, Apple Design Award winner for Interaction.

Developer: Afterburn (Poland)

Experience the joy of Railbound's simplicity with an effortless onboarding process that eliminates the need for words, points, or confusing menus. Fixing mistakes is a breeze thanks to the game's clever designs. Immerse yourself in the game's beautiful animation and vibrant visuals, and get ready to be hooked by this skillful puzzle game that's easy to begin but hard to stop playing.

Social Impact

The recipients of this award positively impact people's lives and bring attention to important matters.

Headspace, Apple Design Award winner for Social Impact.

Developer: Headspace (United States)

Discover mindfulness with Headspace, boasting thoughtful and minimalist designs that are reflected throughout its user interface, videos, and unique illustrations. You can choose from multiple distinctive voices to lead you through the app’s vast library of content perfect for your specific needs, whether you have time for a long guided session or a quick five-minute break. Plus, Headspace’s Apple Watch integration brings a moment of peace to your wrist whenever you need it.

Endling by HandyGames, Apple Design Award winner for Social Impact.

Developer: HandyGames (Germany)

Join a fox on a mission to survive a world damaged by environmental disaster and human impact in Endling, a captivating side-scroller game. Experience an emotional connection to the character and dive into the story, as the gameplay's straightforward controls keep the focus on the narrative. Start your journey today and explore a world in turmoil.

Visuals and Graphics

The category winners showcase impressive visuals, masterfully crafted interfaces, and top-notch animations that contribute to a unique and unified theme.

Any Distance Inc., Apple Design Award winner for Visuals and Graphics.

App: Any Distance
Developer: Any Distance Inc. (United States)

Get inspired to stay fit and active with Any Distance, the innovative workout tracker with stunning visual graphics. With Live Activities and Apple Watch integration, you can easily track your progress in various exercises - from running and cycling to wheelchair workouts, stroller runs and walks, and more. Plus, adding to the excitement is the chance to earn collectible medals and connect with a supportive social community. Download Any Distance and take your fitness journey to the next level.

Resident Evil Village by CAPCOM Co., Ltd., Apple Design Award winner for Visuals and Graphics.

Game:Resident Evil Village
Developer: CAPCOM Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Get ready for a spine-chilling experience with this horror adventure game, featuring breathtaking visual details powered by cutting-edge technologies such as Apple silicon, ProMotion, Metal 3, and extended dynamic range. Explore the eerie landscapes of Resident Evil Village, from a hauntingly beautiful medieval castle to the ruins of decrepit factories. The graphics will leave you breathless with their unparalleled realism and atmospheric vibes, making it one of the most immersive gaming experiences on Mac.


The recipients of this award offer a cutting-edge experience by utilizing innovative Apple technologies that distinguish them from others in their category.

SwingVision: A.I. Tennis App by SwingVision Inc., Apple Design Award winner for Innovation.

App:SwingVision: A.I. Tennis App
Developer: SwingVision Inc. (United States)

Meet your new tennis coach - SwingVision! Powered by AI and Neural Engine, SwingVision can improve every aspect of your game. Its advanced video tracking capabilities evaluate your form, highlight your strengths, and provide personalized suggestions for improvement. Plus, with its integrated Apple Watch, all your data is conveniently tracked in one place. Get ready to up your tennis game like never before.

MARVEL SNAP by Second Dinner, Apple Design Award winner for Innovation.

Developer: Second Dinner (China)

Experience the true essence of your favorite multiverse heroes like never before with MARVEL SNAP. This highly addictive collectible card game is packed with captivating animations and dynamic haptic feedback that perfectly capture each character's unique personality. Featuring an innovative "snap" mechanic, the game transitions seamlessly from brisk gameplay to heart-pumping action, doubling the stakes and introducing exciting new layers of strategy. Redefine your gaming experience with MARVEL SNAP today.

If you're interested in discovering the Apple Design Award champions and runners-up, head over to or check out the Apple Developer app.

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